Epapers is a web-based submission & review solution for the collection, peer review and publication preparation of your technical conference papers.

While we realize there are many solutions available on the internet to perform this function for your conference, what differentiates us is that we are a “Full Service” (fully managed) solution.  Most other solutions are what we would call a “self-service” (do-it-yourself) solution. What is the difference?


  • We have over 17 years of experience working with IEEE & other Engineering conferences. We have the knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly & you have a successful conference.
  • We guide you through the submission & review site configuration process.
  • We work with you to create a time line for all major deadlines & milestones, and will quickly consult with you on timeline problems we identify.
  • We actively manage your time line, sending reminders to all necessary committee members as important deadlines approach or slip.
  • We understand that most conference organizers are busy volunteers and need help dealing with the hundreds of little problems and questions that arise during the paper collection & review phase. We deal with all author questions, as well as supporting your reviewers and committee members.
  • We prepare all of your collected data (copyright filing, final papers meet requirements, submitted web data is properly scrubbed) so you can quickly and smoothly publish it.
  • Archive all stats (submission statistics, review information, reviewer performance, time line problems, author problems, etc.) to provide helpful information & continuity for your future conferences.
  • There is a person assigned to your committee, to answer all of your questions, handle your special requests, supporting, guiding and providing consultation on the entire conference process so your mind can remain at ease and you can stay focused on your other responsibilities.
  • While no software solution can offer every option and work flow process that you desire, the advantage of working with a full service solution is that we will listen to your needs & then help you figure out what level of customization is possible or how to configure a solution that meets your needs.


  • You will need to find the time and resources to attend to the many details of system usage, administration, support & management.
  • You will need patience & time while you navigate the learning curve.
  • You will need to deal the day-to-day operations and all of the nagging little details.
  • In the end, you will save money, but at the expense of time & frustration.