We have developed a powerful, yet easy to use, web based application for technical & scientific conferences. This application is a complete end-to-end solution providing a simple yet elegant way to oversee the entire technical portion of your conference, from initial submission all the way through to program construction and publication. Here are some of the highlights of using our web based solution:

Author Submissions

  • All authors submit via an easy to use web interface and upload their papers to our server.
  • Each submission is automatically assigned a unique paper ID.
  • Authors get automatic email confirmation of successful submission.
  • Authors may resubmit edits or corrections as often as they like, up until the submission deadline.
  • We answer all author questions, significantly reducing your volunteers’ workload.
  • Program Chair can monitor submission progress in real-time through various status screens.

Organizing Reviews

  • All reviewers are assigned online and automatically sent an email message informing them of their review assignment.
  • Three different reviewer mechanisms supported:
    • Import your existing reviewer list
    • Have reviewers sign-up in advance at our special reviewer signup page
    • On-the-Fly: add additional reviewer names and email addresses to the system at any time.
  • All reviews are submitted on-line via a standardized review form.
  • We answer all reviewer and committee member questions about system usage.
  • Committee members can view all reviews on-line. They can view the full details of each review, a summary of each review, or an average score of all reviews.
  • Many status reports are available to Committee members to monitor review progress.


  • Program committee records all decisions online.
  • Support for different decision types.
  • Decision status reports are available to assist in meeting acceptance requirements.


  • Program committee groups all accepted papers into sessions.
  • The complete session schedule is built using our simple, visual web interface by assigning each session to a day/time/room slot.
  • We perform conflict checking to ensure authors have not been assigned to present in 2 locations at the same time.

Author Notification & Final Submission

  • We broadcast decision notifications to all authors via email.
  • Decision notification messages include reviewer comments (if applicable).
  • Accepted authors also receive session assignment and instructions for performing final submission.
  • Support for conference registration required before final submission upload is allowed.
  • We chase all authors making sure that final submission & copyright filing have been completed by the submission deadline.

IEEE Specific Features

  • Plagiarism checking (IEEE Cross Check), performed in real-time with details reports available to committee members via a simple click.
  • Electronic copyright filing via the IEEE eCF system.
  • Prohibited Author List checking.
  • PDF Xplore compliance
  • Provide guidance for your IEEE filings (publications acquisition, PDF eXpress registration, eCF registration, etc)

Exception Management

  • Exactly what is exception management?
  • Special treatment & tracking for your VIP speakers (keynote, plenary & invited, etc.)
  • Differing publication rules for different classes of authors
  • Differing submission specification based upon topic areas
  • Variable presentation duration based upon the speaker class
  • Last minute submissions that were missed during the initial submission phase

Preparation for Publishing

  • We provide the following web based items to enhance your existing conference web site: Visual session schedule, List-based session schedule, paper search capability, “My Schedule” capability.
  • We check all uploaded files for integrity.
  • We scrub all information authors have submitted (i.e. proper case, line spacing, affiliation uniformity, etc.).
  • We provide database extracts of all information as well as master copies of all accepted PDF files to your publisher or committee shortly after the conclusion of your final submission phase.


  • All Epapers features are accessed from within your web browser.
  • Save money on committee meeting costs. You can easily perform all the decision and session building tasks in collaboration with your committee members, without the need for a physical meeting.
  • Error free results (no lost papers, no duplicate papers, no unassigned papers, no papers without a decision, no session schedule conflicts).
  • We manage your copyright filing or form collections.
  • We can provide page count reports if you wish to charge excess page fees.
  • Numerous author help resources are included on your Epapers submission site, such as: templates, copyright forms, help and troubleshooting pages.
  • Email technical support available to answer all your questions about system usage.